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Friday, 5 August 2011

Art Fairs this Summer

Early Spring I decided that if I truly want to pursue my passion in Art that I need to step it up and begin producing more work and really put myself & my jewelry out there for people to see. There are several different ways to describe my experiences so far....The 1st festival was called DIY Unraveled and it was truly THE most stressful, frustrating experience I have ever encountered...some of this caused by myself & some by uncontrollable circumstances. In fact I almost turned my loaded up vehicle around and headed home because I was so beside myself....burning tears running down my warm cheeks. However, I made it to the venue and simply did the best I could considering the unpleasant situation and it was well worth it when several supportive, wonderful friends stopped in to say *HEY* & show me some luv. I was truly grateful to see each one of their smiling faces and to share my comical saga of that day.

In fact one of the couples, commissioned me to design / fabricate a wedding band for them for their June wedding. Congratulations Rachel & Di! I am truly flattered to have been asked to play a part in the union of two very special individuals.

July - Caffetto Craft Fair

Definately not as anxious or nervous about this show...I learned that my work is better defined as fine art. I am not so much a crafter. I need to charge prices that reflect the quality, design skills & technique of my work. I cannot compete with someone who's capitalizing on the "trendy," selling jewelry for $8 - $20. I create work that has longevity & stylish because it is Art - the pieces are unique. I've met wonderful artists that are humble & in all stages sharing their work with others. Whether the public purchases my work or not I will continue to create because selling is not the reason I do this. If I was to stop creating I truly think a HUGE part of me would die. There is nothing in life that I find more fulfilling then making art & truly connecting with individuals through sharing your life experiences, story over time - "you connect with me & I connect with you". We get one another & you can be every part of human with these people & it's okay.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Felting Team: FELTED VESTS. Step-by-Step Guide

Felting Team: FELTED VESTS. Step-by-Step Guide: "As a Felter, the book captured my attention. The cover is bright, and fresh and the title is exactly what it says “Felted Vests A S..."

FELTED VESTS. Step-by-Step Guide

As a Felter, the book captured my attention. The cover is bright, and fresh and the title is exactly what it says “Felted Vests A Step-by-Step Guide.” I have read the book from cover to cover and will tell you why I like it, aside from Phyllis Hoffman being my sister!
1. When she writes and gives descriptions it is as though she is speaking to her reader.

2. She gives the names of equipment required. Important especially for pattern making.

3. The layout it is clear and concise and it is easy to navigate the book.

4. She shows graphically how to draft a basic pattern and take measurements.

5. She also shares how to make silk paper and illustrates decorative stitches.

Now let me tell you something about my sister Phyllis Hoffman. She recently told me that she has shrunk centimetres since we last met 2yrs ago. That is expected, as we are both in our senior years but her shrinkage has been sizable.So what has her newly released book “Felted Vests” got to do with her body shrinkage? Strangely enough, a lot. One day, when we were kids, our older sister Elizabeth who was 10 yrs old took her pocket money and decided to treat us to a bus ride to the Big City to go shopping without telling our parents. The next thing we were shipped off to St Dominics Academy, Newcastle, Natal, a Catholic boarding school for girls, far away from home. I found friends, and caused havoc with midnight feasts and ghost stories. Elizabeth became a model student and played the violin, while 7 year old Phyllis was taken under the wing of and nurtured by Sister Clare, the Dormitory nun. She taught Phyllis to knit and sew and created in her a lifelong creative passion for handiwork. After 4 yrs we left the Convent, but the die was cast for Phyllis’s creative passion. As a teenager she suffered from severe back pain which ultimately turned out to be Scoliosis. Besides the pain, Phyllis couldn’t find clothes that fitted her unaligned body, so she started making her own clothes and, as commercial patterns didn’t fit, she started adjusting and making her own patterns, while bringing up children, studying, teaching, sewing and writing books.Over the years, Phyllis relocated with her growing family from Rhodesia ( Zimbabwe) to South Africa and finally to Melbourne, Australia where all her creative skills have culminated in her latest book. Although Phyllis's bones may have shrunk, her latest book will surely expand interest in sharing with her the art of making elegant felted clothes.

Monday, 10 May 2010

New Felted Koi Sculpture!!

Hello fellow felters!! I just wanted to share my newest Needle Felted Sculpture with you (sorry, I'm just super excited). This is a hanging wall sculpture of a Tattoo inspired Koi Fish. He measure about 48" long x 18" tall x 18" deep (he starts out flat & transforms into 3d and comes out from the wall at his tail).

Koi 8

He was all needle-felted with core wool, then a layer of dyed yellow wool was felted on top. Then I used Black Wool Yarn to needle all the line details. Finally he was airbrushed with many layers & colored Fabric Paint. He is mounted on a wood base that has the hanging hardware on the back!!

If you happen to be in the Hollywood area, This sculpture will be on permanent display at the Blick Art Supply Store on Beverly Blvd. Please stop by and say Hi!

Chrissy P.

Felted Chicken @ Etsy
Felted Chicken Blog

Koi 1Koi 5

Koi 3Koi 11

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Doing my First Blog Giveaway!!!

Hosting my first Blog Giveaway!!! Check out how you can win a Free Super Sweet Felted Cupcake!!

FeltedChicken Blog Giveaway

Saturday, 9 January 2010

New treasury for the team

Hi there,
I've made a new treasury with some works of our members. May I kindly ask you to visit it and klick...

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Felt in Focus

Happy New Year!

...and sorry for the long silence.
I have changed a job, so I had some period without felting and without home Internet...! I've sent all updatates to etsy team and must apologise for neglecting some of your convos...

I've attended the Felt-in-Focus symposium in summer, so, I would like to show you some pictures.
Anna Gunnarsdottir is from Iceland. She makes beautiful felted sculptures, lamps, vessels...
Anna uses Icelandic wool (short fibers) and a wide range of natural materials: fish skin, grass, horse hair, shells...

This sculptural group has been created for the exhibition in Australia. It represents a family of strange sea creatures: mother, farher and children.

How to?...
Anna uses complicated plastic templatesas you can see on photo.

Some things created during Anna's workshop:

Friday, 20 November 2009

Harper's Bazaar Gift Guide Features My Scarves

Hello everyone !

I have some very exciting news to share with you all. I found out yesterday that my felted scarves are featured in HARPER'S BAZAAR online 2009 holiday gift guide "Luxury gifts for women who have it all ". Click on the title and it will bring you directly to the gift guide.

Best wishes to all,