Monday, 10 May 2010

New Felted Koi Sculpture!!

Hello fellow felters!! I just wanted to share my newest Needle Felted Sculpture with you (sorry, I'm just super excited). This is a hanging wall sculpture of a Tattoo inspired Koi Fish. He measure about 48" long x 18" tall x 18" deep (he starts out flat & transforms into 3d and comes out from the wall at his tail).

Koi 8

He was all needle-felted with core wool, then a layer of dyed yellow wool was felted on top. Then I used Black Wool Yarn to needle all the line details. Finally he was airbrushed with many layers & colored Fabric Paint. He is mounted on a wood base that has the hanging hardware on the back!!

If you happen to be in the Hollywood area, This sculpture will be on permanent display at the Blick Art Supply Store on Beverly Blvd. Please stop by and say Hi!

Chrissy P.

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Koi 1Koi 5

Koi 3Koi 11

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Doing my First Blog Giveaway!!!

Hosting my first Blog Giveaway!!! Check out how you can win a Free Super Sweet Felted Cupcake!!

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

New treasury for the team

Hi there,
I've made a new treasury with some works of our members. May I kindly ask you to visit it and klick...

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Felt in Focus

Happy New Year!

...and sorry for the long silence.
I have changed a job, so I had some period without felting and without home Internet...! I've sent all updatates to etsy team and must apologise for neglecting some of your convos...

I've attended the Felt-in-Focus symposium in summer, so, I would like to show you some pictures.
Anna Gunnarsdottir is from Iceland. She makes beautiful felted sculptures, lamps, vessels...
Anna uses Icelandic wool (short fibers) and a wide range of natural materials: fish skin, grass, horse hair, shells...

This sculptural group has been created for the exhibition in Australia. It represents a family of strange sea creatures: mother, farher and children.

How to?...
Anna uses complicated plastic templatesas you can see on photo.

Some things created during Anna's workshop: