Friday, 19 December 2008

Wearable felted art "Ariane et Lulu "

I'm very happy to participate in the ETSY Feltingg Team and I would like to introduce myself in this first post. My name is Ariane and I'm German but I live in France (so I speak better German and French than English). Before "falling in love" with feltmaking I studied architecture, and worked as an texile graphic designer. As I'm always 100% applied in what I love, I quit my designer job 6 month ago. (Hopefully I have a husband who loves me enough to support!!).
My main interest in the felting process is mixing wool fibers with other fibers and materials. My project for 2009 is to experimente how to combine paper and wool in the felting process. If you tried already I would be very pleased to share experience with you. An other point I will focus on is how to create 3d felting textures.
If you are interested on my work, please visite my webside http;// (only aviable in french for the moment) or my etsyshop
If you starting feltmaking and need help I'm always pleased to do my best (but you have to support my english...)
See you and happy holidays !!!

Images are showing a combination of different "natural" wools with handmade silk paper, silk chiffon, wool locks and handspun yarn. First image shows the piece before felting. Second and third are details of the vest after felting. It's the symbioses of different materials fusing to something new that passionate me. Felting means for me to be a designer and a discoverer in same time.


Etsy Felting Team said...

Dear Ariane, could you please illustrate your introduction with photos...? I am extremely curious.
Olga (kokonok)

Olga said...

interesting effects!
ariane, what is the silk paper you use? Could you probably give a link to some on-line shop?

Créatrices d'art portable said...

Hi Olga, I make the silk paper myself. It's very easy.Lay out two layers of silk fibers on a net curtain (like as you do for felting). Put a second net curtain on these layers and sweep wallpaper paste on it. Hang up for drying 3-6 hours. The advantage is you can cut out clean formes. You can take commercial silk paper as well but as it is much finer it's more difficult to use (harder to get "nice" forms and harder not to break while felting). In the same way you can make paper from linen or other natural fibers.

Olga said...

Oh, great idea with home-made silk
paper. I am really excited: one can cut clear silhouettes from it, better then from prefelt.

And wallpaper paste - "papier-mache"? How do you make it?

Olga said...

Dear Ariane,

I wish you and your family Merry Christmas, and hope that we'll have productive and interesting collaboration as a team in 2009!