Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Hi everyone, this is my introduction, I'm brand new to the group. My name's Willow and I'm from Manchester, England. This is getting a little AA so I'll try and be a little more personal now.

I started felting just over a year ago. I've always been into all sorts of crafts, and when my aunt told me that she and her friends were starting a craft group, I forced my way in. We meet once a month, and though we were originally intending to try a different craft every month, we were all so taken with felting that we've stuck with that for every single meeting.

I love both wet and dry felting, I tend to go through big phases of one and at the moment I'm very much into wet felting. I'm trying to work at big pieces to really explore a variety of methods and styles.

My Etsy shop is WillowFelt, where you can see the scarves I've worked on recently.

I'm really hoping that people in this team will be able to help me with some advice about how to boost my profile and sales.

Just to let you know a little more about me, in my non-felting life I'm a Creative Writing student, I'm doing an MA at Manchester Uni. I edit a creative writing magazine that I set up with a couple of people on the course, it's called Bewilderbliss. I'm also writing a novel about Madagascar. I have two blogs, one about readings and writing-based goings on in Manchester, and one just about me.


NotSoShabbyChic said...

Hi Willow!

Welcome! Your scarves are absolutely beautiful!!! The colors and the textures are just great!!

One key way to make sales is to have an active shop; that is, either list items frequently OR renew your items periodically -- that way you stay near the top of the search lists on Etsy.

Another thing is that you need to let the world know that you're there! Becoming active in the chat rooms and forums on Etsy has helped me spread the word about my shop like wildfire! You have a GREAT product, now people just need to know it exists!!!

Best of luck to you!! :D

QueenHeron Creations said...

Your scarves are so gorgeous! i love the colors...so vibrant!