Thursday, 26 February 2009

feltwilde's introduction

thanks for your kind invitation and hello to all you felting enthusiasts, wherever you be.......
greetings from australia!!

please bare with me as i navigate myself around this site. it's like learning a new language but i'm determined to master it, as etsy, the forums, the teams etc look like they have alot to offer, and it's great to be able to have the opportunity to chat to people with the same passion as me.

i've been dabbling in textiles of one kind or another since i was small. you name it and i probably gave it a go. as it turns out, i'm not such a strange beast, once i started reading the profiles on etsy. talk about meeting your own kind.
i attended my 1st feltmaking workshop in 1996 and was completely blown away. everything i loved in textiles, all rolled into one. i've never had a moment of boredom since.

my favourite technique at the moment would have to be fooling around with nuno, and getting 3D effects out of felt using resists, and spikes. the piece below was made by one of my workshop partcicipants last week. it gives you an idea of the sorts of ideas we were fooling around with.

natural materials are what i have an affinity with. wool, of course, silks, cottons, linens, hemp.
and i love runs of colours together ie: reds, oranges, pinks or blues, greens and purples.

my etsy shop has only been open a few weeks? so my immediate challenge is working out how to fit the running needs of the shop into my busy work schedule. i don't think i quite realised how much time the shop would require. not one to be put off easily, i just need some time to work out a new schedule. i run a weekly stall at paddington markets in sydney, along with regular feltmaking classes and i'm single mum to 3 ratbags, who have got use to pulling stray fibres out of their school lunches.
oh, and i also need to improve my photographing skills.

as i'm fairly new to etsy, i haven't had a huge look around but i too love Kjoo?!
you can have a squiz at my other favourites when next in my shop.

a gift to myself would have to be the blossom necklace, inspired by one of those japanese crafting books, as i've already gifted myself 2. a blue/green combo and a black/red combo and quite a few of my good buddies have also been recipients. it's a new design, easy to wear, adjustable, fun to make and my current favourite.

my etsy shop of the future will be stocked properly for starters. at the moment i have a lot of odds and ends. i intend to pick out a range of styles, in a range of prices, and have a choice of 3 or 4 colours in each design. something a little more cohesive than at present, but you've got to start somewhere.
as to my overall felting plans, a one stop feltmaking shop. somewhere for the textile enthusiast to buy textile art/craft, attend a workshop, buy feltmaking supplies, get some advice or information, and have a decent cup of tea. heaven! ( can dream).

i'll leave you now with a question for you experienced etsyians. what's your experience regarding
offering a few regular styles in various colours, so that buyers can familiarise themselves with certain styles versus listing a hotch potch of styles based on whatever you feel like making on the day, with no real consistency of style?
i'd be interested in hearing what you've experienced.

thank you, Gill.


TheFeltElf said...

Hi Gill
I really enjoyed reading your intro, and love your work, I'm going to have a nosey at your shop now.
Good luck for your felty future

Etsy Felting Team said...

So beautiful things...
I am also go to your etsy shop to spy :)

Arlenesfelt said...

I will check out your etsy shop right now. And when you open that lovely shop you are describing, I would like to stop in for a cup of tea!

makeyourpresentsfelt said...

Great intro! I have the same dilemma about shop stock, but tend to end up pleasing myself!

Myfanwy said...

What a lovely intro, and an equally lovely shop. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

feltwilde said...

Thanks you guys for your warm welcome and feedback. I guess when you work in a medium that's so versatile you're going to want to try everything. One way to go is to aim for perfection while you're following your bliss. That way you're loving what you're doing and at the same time making quality products for others to treasure and Arlene has shown me that even if it looks to you like it's all over the shop, your personal style shines through all you do.
Cheers, Gill.

ako said...

Hi Gill,
it's Ako one of your Japanese students! it's very nice to read about your dream shop (in the near future?)! I am not very well at the moment staying in bed and surfing the net and found your article which made my heart joy! Looking forward to attending your workshop in June. Happy felting!