Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Tonight I must remember to measure the bag that I am showing at the Hampton Gallery in late spring. This is a juried show for prizes but they are allowing 40 some people in and I have gotten into it. Mostly I want to keep my name seen in the Ga. mountains area, so many tourists. This will be the third North Ga gallery that I carries some of my items so it is good exposure but would be nice if the bag sold too.
I also have a photo of myself in a new scarf I just made. Love the colors. I set up the photo shoot with my hubby taking pictures. As you will notice, I totally messed up the arrangement. I was looking directly into the setting sun, scrunched up eyes and it was very cold, red nose. I have several better views of the scarf that I hope to put up on etsy sometime today.


Etsy Felting Team said...

Hi Libby,
yes, your are absolutely right: the photo is not good. And it is not about beauty, but you look somehow angry and bored. Better not to show such photos at all...

Any other opinions?

I would even say, that such stuff, artistic, extravagant things look OK only on models...if it is difficult to find one, use mannequin or just a sculpture as you do.
Any other opinions...?

FiberArtisttoo said...

I am definitely going to do a reshoot on that one. I do have a mannequin and will try it on her. We also had some trees come down in our front yard and I want to try drapping over the tree limbs too. Anyone think that would be a good shot?

Etsy Felting Team said...

Hi Libby, I'll wait for your new photos!
It will be very interesting to see a couple of photos of your studio, too.
Have a nice day
By the way, could you please remove your "try" post (below)?

makeyourpresentsfelt said...

Libby - the scarf is a work of art, thank you for putting up the photo. I think it would look lovely draped on a tree branch - it's always so hard to capture things in the right setting.

Etsy Felting Team said...

Ah, Chrissie, in fact it's not so simple isssue...and it's pity that the discussion about photos doesn't develop in our flickr group.
In principle, the question how do we present our items is about philosophy:).
If we are producing things as art objects, it's ideal to put them on tree branches or just on a postament.
But if we are making wearable things, it's about fashion. Then, we should follow somehow the standarts of fashion world.
And, last but not least: our customers want to see how the item looks on a person, not on a tree...They don't have a possibility to try it, like in a normal shop.
So, I would repeat again my conclusion: present our items on humans :), avoid temptation to be models ourselves (unless VERY pretty) and look for models around.
I've recently purchased a mannequin, but it's not a hundred percent solution, I would say.