Sunday, 15 February 2009

red suede kitten - introducing myself

Lots of Felt Clouds waiting to be made into brooches and pendants

Tell us please how you originally got into felting

I was inspired by a project for a felt rock in Last Minute Fabric Gifts - my boyfriend and I made these and had so much fun, and then I was hooked. The Craftster felt forums also helped me learn some other techniques early on.

Your favorite technique

I would have to say sushi felt made from wet felting. I use sushi felt pieces (sliced from a roll) to make my Felt Cloud brooches and Pendants (see top two photos).

Your favorite materials

Wool tops of course! As colourful as possible. I also like felt sheet (with some wool content - I don't like acrylic felt generally). At the moment I'm also working with plastic buckles, buttons, and fabric, in my newest line, the Buckle Bug Brooches.

Buckle Bug Brooches

Favorite colours, colour mixes

You really need to see my store! It's a cornucopia of colour. I love combining colour and am very intuitive about it. People often comment on my sense of colour and my colour combinations. But here are some favourites (as used in my Felt Clouds): sherbet tones (a combination of oranges, pinks, and white), any combination of blues. Other single favourite colours are grey, green and red. I'm falling in love with orange lately too... and tangerine/peachy colours coupled with aqua or bright blues.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to running your shop?

At this point, getting my first sale! I've only been on Etsy about 6 weeks. Publicity is hard work and to make oneself known to the online community as a virtual newbie, can be very time consuming. I'm enjoying it though - it's fun to be on the web a lot!

What other shops out there do you love (not necessarily textile)?
Here are only a few...

Crazy crocheted critters:

Fantastic felt and crochet jewellery:

Colourful glass beads with lots of concentric circles:

Unique and beautifully kitsch jewellery made from vintage bits and bobs and charms:

A truly wonderful shop with many fabulous felt and paper collage creations:

Brilliant and slightly spooky paper cut-out dolls:

What item in your shop would you most like to receive as a gift if someone were shopping for you?

At the moment the Ochre Buckle Bug Brooch (see below). I'm actually thinking of removing it from the store so I can have it!

What are your future plans concerning felting and your shop?..

To learn some new felting techniques - I know a little bit of nuno, but would love to master shibori felting of knitted fabric. I would like to develop more textile jewellery ideas and launch them in my shop and sell more to my local stockists and expand the number of shops I sell to in Melbourne and Australia.


Etsy Felting Team said...

So colourful pieces!
I wonder if you could to add a bit of beads or embroidery to your sushi technique. Can be very interesting...but I am just a seed beads fan;)

Melita, may I give you one blogging tip.
While you writing a post, look at the icons above. The sixth from the left is "link". You mark a piece of text, for example, "my shop". You click on the icon, and you get a space to copy-paste a link. After this, you have your text working as a link (Like in Elena's post).
Concerning promotion, could you please share your experience with us in the flickr group...would be extremely interesting!!!

Etsy Felting Team said...

and - very nice photos! It was a great idea to use old wood, so harmonic neutral color!...

red suede kitten said...

Thanks for the tip on how to post a link. I was struggling with that earlier today. Looks much nicer. Will go in and edit it soon... :) Sure, I'll come and post at the Flickr site too...

Etsy Felting Team said...

Great, Melita!
So nice to meet all of you - so talented artists!!!

TheFeltElf said...

Hi Red Suede Kitten, nice to meet you. I LOVE your bugs!!

red suede kitten said...

Hi FeltElf! Thanks! You and I were featured in a Treasury together I believe - around the 1st January! One of your scarves in yellow/black tones, and my Bee Sting Felt Cloud brooch! Nice to see you here too! :)

TheFeltElf said...

:) Thanks Red Suede Kitten ;)