Thursday, 19 February 2009

Margaret from Crystal Creek Fibers

Thanks for inviting me and I must say that ETSY ROCKS

Everyone I have had contact with have been great!
I had a great visit with Allison of Who The Cap fits.. also fiberalley at Etsy..she is an accomplished felter,she was wearing one of her fabulous hats....We had a great convo and Im glad she stopped by! :]
I have a very large carder and I also dye in bulk.Glad to share ideas with folks and learn also!
I do sell fibers in bulk purchase too!
I have carded a large variety of fibers and am glad to offer assistance and answer questions..maybe I can save someone from a wreck or two? Hahaha......
Margaret/Crystal Creek Fibers


Etsy Felting Team said...

Hello Margaret, nice to meet you.
I personally consider it like one of the aims of the blog and of the team, that FELTERS meet SELLERS of materials.
Could you please introduce a couple of pictures in your post. Would be great if you could show us dyeing process, etc...

Myfanwy said...

Lovely to meet you, Margaret, and what a lovely well stocked shop you have. I'm envious!

Kitchen Sinks said...

Please introduce a couple of pictures in your post.