Friday, 27 February 2009

Introducing my new Felt Blog

Hello fellow Felting Team members........I am a Nuno Felter who is finally discovering the fun and connections that come with blogging.  So much so, that I have started a blog of my own, and I invite you all to stop by, comment or follow, and further add to the connection of people who are totally addicted to FELT!!  

I'm delighted with the way My Etsy Shop has connected me to people all over the world and I know my blog will enhance that experience.  You can find me at

As for the Felting Team blog, I think it is really looking very good.  The latest entries are wonderfully informative and interesting.   Especially for those of us who just can't get enough information and glimpses of the beautiful and diverse felt items being created today.

I am including in this post pictures of a large wall hanging I just finished. Well, large for me that is.  It measures 32" x 33", and here you can see it on the table ready for felting, and finished and hanging on the wall.

I look forward to connecting with many of you in the future.
Keep Felting, 


makeyourpresentsfelt said...

beautiful piece of work, thank you for introducing yourself!

Jane_Bo said...

Beautiful work!

FiberArtisttoo said...

lovely wall hanging, love the colors you used, looking forward to more posts

feltwilde said...

I've been trying to click link to your blog with no success.
Any clues?


FELT 4U said...

Really gorgeous. I wrote a few weeks agoo on the Felting team blog about inspiration.